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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Ideas' started by Cookie, Jul 5, 2015.

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    May 27, 2015
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    Good day, fellow players! I'm here to propose yet another suggestion!

    Most of you know me as "The kid who gets banned every week", which is... Very true. Although I am no one to speak, I believe there is room for improvement to your punishment index.

    To begin with, get a plugin that actually has a fixed mute system, since (As said by another staff member), your current one is broken. For Chat-related offences, a player should be muted, instead of banned. I have experience with this, as most of you know, my bans are based on things that happen in chat, starting with capital letters whilst speaking, being repetitive or "Spamming", or just being disrespectful in general (Which is 99% of the time, sarcasm).

    So, some solutions to prevent players from doing these are to get filters, that block out bad words, spamming (Like a cooldown, maybe?), and capital letters.

    So, then, what's the purpose of bans? Well, about a week ago, a player was spamming me with death potions, and I had no ability to speak, since it was like spawn killing. In those cases, a player should be banned. Also, if their chat things are taken too far, it should result in a ban, but that's if everything else hasn't stopped them. Should be on rare occasions, since the permanent mute feature should make them zip it.

    Also, after finding another plugin, please do change up some things. Like, for a first chat related offence, after let's say, 2 warning's, you'd mute the player for 12 hours.

    I would suggest some plugins, but that's not really my job. But yeah. Hope these ideas are considered.

    Your favorite trouble-maker, Cookie <3

    ~The Queen of Hoes~
  2. sycoinc

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    Aug 28, 2014
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    Our mute plugin is fine, as we run multiple servers not just 1 server cross server mute isn't written into it without a custom plugin written which hasn't been high on our priority.

    Your bans happen after multiple warnings on top of multiple warnings we do mute for chat offences and if continued we then ban.

    also if you read our rules, we cover all of this how about following them?

    Edit: Regarding other peoples bans, as the Main thing swe ban for on our server are offensive / stolen builds, spamming and abusive language since near most other ways to grief or exploit are disabled / not able to do... Our bans seem to be visually more focused on chat related content but we give ample warning before doing so for the user to stop what they are saying / doing.
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    Oct 9, 2014
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    I mean if you get muted more than once in the same day you're obviously a dickhead and need to be removed from the community. If you don't get it the first time you clearly don't care about the rules it doesn't matter how inconsistent our mute system is. If you'd rather play somewhere else than you should do that because you won't be welcomed here if your ass-hattery persists.

    Its really no big deal to me I'm not exactly thirsty to have dickheads in our community. If you have something you find is wrong with the server being a dickhead is the fastest way out of the community not the fastest way to encourage change.

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