Server Rules & Guidelines

Server Rules & Guidelines



The Athion Network works to be a friendly server. We have some set rules and guidelines for the server to keep it running smoothly and create a friendly and safe environment.

We do not tolerate abusive or sexual behavior along with talk about illegal materials such as crime or *****.

Below are the Rules & Guidelines separated into sections with a brief description on each point.


Server Rulestop

  1. No advertising or recruiting for other Servers & Building Teams.
    If you are found to be recruiting for other minecraft servers or build teams you will be permanently banned form all of our servers after a single warning. Not only is this disrespectful to our and other servers, it puts your team or server in a lower standard as you are needing to go to bigger and/or more well known creative servers to try to take their community for your own. If players wish to join teams or other servers they will find them through their own methods on places such as Planet Minecraft and MC forums.

  2. No advertising or sharing of personal Social Media accounts or information.
    To keep your privacy safe we do not allow you to give away personal information such as your personal Facebook or email accounts. You can give such information to people outside our server or in private chats BUT we highly advise against it. If you wish to talk with users outside the server we have a teamspeak ( or you can contact users via their forum accounts to talk.

  3. Strictly no copying or stealing other's builds and/or designs.
    If you are found to have copied or stolen a build from external resources including Youtube, PMC and other methods of sharing Minecraft builds, along with other servers, you will be warned and temp banned, and your build cleared. If you repeatedly break this rule it will result in a permanent ban from our servers.

  4. No spamming, rude or offensive language / topics.
    We wish to keep chat in a friendly environment, this means topics that are sensitive or inappropriate will result in a warning, mute and/or temporary or permanent ban, across our network, depending on the number of warnings and the offence. We advise that topics such as religion, politics, abuse and violence should not be discussed on our server. Spamming also includes the overuse of CAPITAL LETTERS.

  5. No exploiting or hacking.
    This one is simple, if you are found to be using a hacked client that can cause harm or adds features we block on our server, you will be asked to turn it off or remove it. If use is continued, you will be temporarily, or permanently banned from our server. The same can be said about using exploits in the server and minecraft code to obtain items, move things or lag the server.

  6. No offensive skins.
    This is another simple one, keep your skins PG friendly and racially sensitive. This means no nude skins, no skins that depict a race or group of people in an offensive way and no materials that suggest anti-Semitic views and groups.

More rules will be added as and when the need arises, there are unmentioned common rules that should be followed and fall under general knowledge when on a minecraft server or any game.



  1. Be respectful to other players at all times.
    Treat other players with respect and common decency/courtesy. Don't abuse them on their beliefs, religion, way of speaking and/or wording things, music preference etc. Treat others as you would wish to be treated.

  2. Be polite and listen to our Staff, to make their job easier.
    Being polite and respectful towards staff will help our server and its staff perform in a pleasant manner. Telling a staff member that they are wrong on a review because you think your build is a god send OR arguing why you or someone else was muted or banned simply isn't going to work. If you act in a calm manner and have a proper discussion things get resolved a lot quicker.

  3. Do not keep spamming the staff team when no one answers.
    As the staff team members may be very busy at the time you are trying to talk to them please do not spam them with constant messages asking the same thing or just saying their name. This also applies when you are muted , do not spam or continually message staff or other members as it won't resolve anything.

  4. Take the build reviewer's review seriously and do not be offended by it.
    You may think or believe you have reached the quality of what is needed to gain the next rank, but if you get your review back and you have not been ranked read over it and put time into the suggestions made by our staff team. Our team has many years of building experience and an extensive knowledge of building and aim to offer the best advice we can so you can grow in skill and push your limits.
More general guidelines will be added as and when they are needed.