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Athion Survival - Mining Week
With new projects currently underway, our government finds itself in need of various mining materials! As such, it is my pleasure to introduce to our survival players the first ever "Mining Week"! For the next 7 days, miners will enjoy a 30-50% increased /sell price for Coal, lapis, redstone, iron, gold, stone, and cobble!

In further news, a series of diseases have been found in the fish recently being sold to the server, so we have been forced to reduce the price of all fish for the next few days. We expect the disease to be ridden of, conveniently, at the same time that mining week will be over.

Hail Athion!​
Athion Official Athion Survival Launch

We’d like to thank all of our community members for helping us out of beta. Make sure that you use /kit collector in the survival hub to get your Beta-Tester collectors items! With our launch we’ve released many new features and worlds

New Survival World
The brave and daring Sycoinc has returned from afar with great news: a new world has been discovered that is completely habitable! Much like our current survival world, this world is completely habitable and home to many different kinds of biomes, huge mountains, great seas, island chains, and more! Be the first to establish a settlement in this great new world: access it through the survival portal at the Survival Hub!

Want to move your home from the "old" survival world to the new one? Contact an Admin!

Our gallant scientists at Athion Research and Development have developed teleportation methods and have created a portal to another dimension! Labeled “The Nether”, you can access this world by purchasing a temporary passport using the /shop command and then travel through the portal in the “resources” hub.

The nether will be reset on a cyclical basis: don't leave anything there that you don't want to lose.

Our… “genius” scientists at Athion Research and Development have gallantly taken control of a black hole they accidentally created in their research and development center and have discovered whats on the other side: a strange world full of floating islands made of some foreign substance resembling inedible cheese and home to innumerable Enderman pests! We’ve aptly called this world “The End!” (But we promise, its only the beginning for your adventure!) Not much else is known about this world, however we’ve allowed access to this world on a 2-hour passport basis, which you can purchase from /shop!

The end...​
Athion Official New Is Coming...

Keep an eye open...updates are is arriving...

:athion main icon: is growing, going to change...and you want to be there when it does...


Plugin Updates:

Place unobtainable blocks:
  • Use /place <block> to be able to place blocks such as 43:8 again!
Painting Scroll:
  • Scroll through each painting to find the right one by right-clicking, scrolling, and right-clicking to lock!
  • Use //fixlighting to fix those pesky lighting bugs!
General Updates:
  • Server is now 1.10.2
  • Make sure to use a 1.10.0 or 1.10.2 client to connect to the server.
Athion Official Athion Contest #4

Welcome to the official info post for our Fourth contest! It's been a while, but let's get summer kicked off with a short weekend contest!

Contest Information:

Theme: "Vibrance" with extra points for exciting ways 1.9 and 1.10 blocks are used, and clever use of vibrant color!

Where: Contest world -

When: From: Midnight of Thursday/Friday 7th/8th July 2016; To: Midnight of Monday/Tuesday, 11th/12th July 2016 (Times in EST)

Plot Size: 75 x 75 - flat.

Player limit: Two players per plot.

Prize: $50 Steam voucher if the contest has been shared, $40 Steam voucher if not

We vote on a range of aspects for your builds and creations for the contest world, here is the below outline of what we look for when judging
  • Design: This is rated out of 10, we look over the plots for the design, layout and how well the concept has been executed. This does not rely on the quality of the build.
  • Terrain: This is rated out of 10, we look at what terraforming has been done on the plot, if an existing landscape is provided we rate on how good or how bad it was edited. If it started as flatland we rate on how well you have terraformed and how it suits the theme.
  • Structure: This is rated out of 10, We rate how detailed your structures are along with how well they fit your theme and the contest's theme.
  • Organics: This is rated out of 10, we rate how detailed your organics are along with how they fit into the theme of your plot along with the contests theme. You do not have to build organics but we still rate this either way.
  • Completion: This is rated out of 10, we go over your plot to see how complete your project is, builds that are half build, empty or large sections with 'filler builds or content' would score lower than fully complete builds, interiors and terrain....
New Freebuild/Commission server specs:

Freebuild world:
  • Plot size increased to 151x151
  • Access old Freebuild with /world FB_101
  • Claim up to 10 plots
  • Merge up to four plots
Commission World:
  • Plots of size 501x501
  • Claim up to 2 plots as Member
  • Apply for Commission rank for 10 plots + (
  • Merge up to 4 plots
  • Plots hidden from other players by default
  • /plot flag set hide true|false
  • Use /world to change worlds
    • FB_101 (old Freebuild)
    • Freebuild
    • Commission
  • Use /plot web download world to download plot as world file
  • Use /plot download to download plot as schematic
  • Full WorldEdit and VoxelSniper access
  • Two million block WorldEdit limit
  • VoxelSniper right to the edge of the plot (properly)
  • Access to //br height (tutorial to come soon)

Plugin Updates:

Inventory Save:
  • Save and load inventories with /inv save|load <name>
  • Toggle your NightVision on or off with /nv on|off
Permission Updates:
  • WorldEdit limit increased to 2mil blocks
  • Access to many plots flags
General Updates:
  • WorldEdit and VoxelSniper even more stable!
  • Large number of kits added. Use /kits to list them.
  • Kits will be constantly added and updated
  • New Freebuild

:athion main icon:

Plugin Updates:

World Edit Optimizations:
  • Further optimizations of WorldEdit
VoxelSniper Optimizations:
  • You can now use VoxelSniper to the edge of your plot!
  • Undergoes the same optimizations as WorldEdit
General Updates:
  • Server is now 1.9
  • Make sure to use a 1.9.4 client when connecting to the server
  • (Optifine is 1.9.4)

:athion main icon:

Plugin Updates:

World Edit Optimizations:
  • A plugin specifically designed to optimize world edit speed and control the lag from it has been added.
  • With this plugin comes the option for use of //brush heightmap. Png files will be added for public use in the future, however clipboards can be used for now.
General Updates:
  • Server migrated to more powerful box in January. More powerful servers.
Permission Updates:
  • Revamp of worldedit permissions. Much more is given at lower ranks (student is still void of WE).
  • World Edit limit increased to 2 million blocks.

Future Additions / Preparations:
  • Much more content - videos, renders, screenshots and builds to come!
  • Look out for more updates to the server! We've got some cogs rolling round...

:athion main icon:
Hey all,

I recently found this nice web app / downloadable app for voice and text chat that looks like it has potential. It runs inside a web browser so no need to download anything (but has option for desktop app to be downloaded).

It has a decent list of future features coming up with some integration into games planned and the voice quality is rather good.

I am testing this as this is a way for users without skype or who do not want to give out their info to unknown people to be able to easily chat and interact with users while on our server or offline along with the option of not having to download anything to your computer (so can use at school possibly)

Let me know what you think of it, currently we haven't much perms or things set up on it but its more for testing now until.

:athion main icon:
Hello there peoples of Athion!

To get into the Christmas spirit, we're giving away a free 3 months of pets in our hub servers, worth $35! Use the discount code "AthionXmasPrezzie" after placing the item "PetsPetsPets!" in your cart to obtain some pets :D

Merry Christmas,