Welcome to the New Website

author image by sycoinc | 0 Comments | 29 Jan 2017

With big changes already in motion for 2017 we have decided to update our website and online image. With this initial update we have re-worked the main website with plans for the community forums to follow suit shortly after this site is live.

Some of the key changes we have made to the website are as follows;

  • Total overhaul of the website theme to focus more on images and media to help showcase our talents as a Minecraft Creative Server.
  • Optimised and minimised the number of pages on the website to focus on the key areas Athion are all about
  • Addition of server store integrated into the website itself that links into our server. (currently in beta testing)
  • Update of content to be current as was very out dated in parts of the site.
  • Update of Build Team Showcase and Information pages to show current team, projects and highlight more of our works.
  • Changed how we announce news to the community by having all important news and updates show on the main front end of the site and not the community forums. (minor updates or news items will still be added to the community forums)
  • Improved contact system for the build team and emergency issues

Athion have big plans this year and this update and rework of our online image is just the begining. Keep an eye out on our social media, server forums and youtube channel for further updates