Athion Official Smältur Öden

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    A smoky smog cascades down the pointed peaks Smältur Öden like the tendrils of smoke that billow from the nostrils of a great winged beast. The plumes of black death pour over the craggy facets and rippling cobblestones of the infernal factory’s foundation. It was only then, as licks of gray-white dance along the ground and dissipate, that a voice dripping of molten fury and passion booms out through the darkness.

    “It was on these foul stones that our fathers, and our father’s fathers fought and perished. It is the blood of our ancestors that lay the mortar for the slabs we stand upon here today..”

    Droplets of glistening, molten rock sweat from splits in the rock faces, oozing down the walls only to seep into the stones once again. The dull clanging of the great gears that adorn the structure seem to seize up the landscape and viciously jostle it, sending rippling, rolling tremors across the latitudes. Each turn of the cogs, a clap of divine thunder beating down from the plateau which Smältur Öden sits.

    “.. in all of our posturing and all of our pretenses. Smältur Öden is the center of the world, brethren. Within, the means to travel to the four corners of our Realm.”

    The laden clouds overhead swirl and intermingle with the issuance of black soot and ash from the smokestacks of Smältur Öden, intertwining and becoming indistinguishable. Winds roil overhead, whipping across the plains that surround the great factory’s perch. Bright bolts of blue-hued electricity shoot through the cumulus growths, occasionally launching a precision strike at the tipped pinnacles of the curled spines surrounding the cathedral to brimstone and fire.

    “You stand at the gates to glory... “

    Armored feet stamp the ground rhythmically like the ticking of a metronome, and each collective footfall rattles ringlet curls of chain or platelets of mail. The clattering of metal instruments of war and destruction tremble with anticipation in the hands of individuals eager to lead a charge on the world in the names of their clans and their houses, their banners and standards.

    “Do not hesitate at the threshold to your conquest of that glory. It is here, upon this hearth, that the true rulers of the Realm will make themselves known. Step forward and claim the gods as your witnesses while you lay the land to siege. Perhaps, then, one of you will claim Smältur Öden as your castle and its plateau as your throne.”


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