UPDATE Server Update Log - 12th June 2016

Discussion in 'Server Update Logs' started by dordsor21, Jun 12, 2016.

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    Aug 31, 2014
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    New Freebuild/Commission server specs:

    Freebuild world:
    • Plot size increased to 151x151
    • Access old Freebuild with /world FB_101
    • Claim up to 10 plots
    • Merge up to four plots
    Commission World:
    • Plots of size 501x501
    • Claim up to 2 plots as Member
    • Apply for Commission rank for 10 plots + (tiny.cc/AthionComApp)
    • Merge up to 4 plots
    • Plots hidden from other players by default
    • /plot flag set hide true|false
    • Use /world to change worlds
      • FB_101 (old Freebuild)
      • Freebuild
      • Commission
    • Use /plot web download world to download plot as world file
    • Use /plot download to download plot as schematic
    • Full WorldEdit and VoxelSniper access
    • Two million block WorldEdit limit
    • VoxelSniper right to the edge of the plot (properly)
    • Access to //br height (tutorial to come soon)

    Plugin Updates:

    Inventory Save:
    • Save and load inventories with /inv save|load <name>
    • Toggle your NightVision on or off with /nv on|off
    Permission Updates:
    • WorldEdit limit increased to 2mil blocks
    • Access to many plots flags
    General Updates:
    • WorldEdit and VoxelSniper even more stable!
    • Large number of kits added. Use /kits to list them.
    • Kits will be constantly added and updated
    • New Freebuild

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