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    Plugin Updates:

    Athion Reviews:
    • Athion Reviews has had a major revamp, with some awesome new features!
    • Along with the main ranking tree (Student through GrandCreator) we've now released OST (organics, structure and terrain) mastery ranks!
    • Mastery ranks have 6 tiers. Level 0 to level 5. Request an OST review using /review request organics|structure|terrain
    • Private reviews are now linked with the forums! If you're signed up to the forums, and your account is associated you can talk directly with the Staff about your review via the forums, helping you to understand your review, and how to improve!
    • Decided you want don't want to get reviewed after submitting? You can /review remove to remove your review from the queue now!
    • You can also request public reviews via the forums, where the community can comment and help improve your builds! Just use /review public and follow the instructions to get informal tips and suggestions from the communtiy!
    Athion Forums:
    • You can start conversations on the forums from in-game; use /forumdm <player> to start up a message with any registered player!
    • Use /bugreport to report any bugs you find to the forums, where our Admins can easily gain all information needed to get a fix ASAP!
    Athion Register:
    • Use /register <email> <username> to register to the forums from in game, and automatically associate forum and Minecraft accounts to gain all the benefits!
    Athion Chat:
    • Chat just got a whole lot more exciting!
    • Hover over usernames when on TrainingGrounds to view people's OST ranks and forum likes!
    • Click on player's usernames in chat to bring up a chat UI to tpa to, dm, forumdm and view the forum profile of with ease!
    • Recieve a notification noise whenever you're mentioned in chat.

    Permission Updates:
    • Everyone has full access to WorldEdit and VoxelSniper on the TrainingGrounds server!
    • As well as WE and VS you have access to our custom plugins and FAWE!

    New Command Summary:
    • /review request - Submit a private main-rank or skill tree review request.
    • /review public - Submit a public review request, where others can help you out on the forums
    • /review position - View your position in queue
    • /review remove - Remove your review from the queue
    • /forumdm <player> - Send a DM on the forums to the player
    • /register <email> <username> - Register to the forums
    • /associate <forum usernamer> - Associate your Forum and Minecraft accounts

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    Nice updates. Can't wait to play. <3
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