Temporary Leave Of Absence

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheYoungWolf52, Oct 11, 2015.

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    So as a couple of you may know, over the past few weeks I've been sick. Really sick. Not the sniffles and cold sick, but the curled up on the kitchen floor coughing up blood sick. The doctors were clueless. They couldn't find anything wrong with my body, no other symptoms besides the cough and the pain. I saw three doctors, and got three different diagnoses. I got put on four courses of medication. None worked.

    I began to worry that doctors couldn't help me, that I had something they had never seen before, and that's why they always dismissed it as something minor just because I didn't have a fever. Most of this was in my head, but i was scared.

    Towards the third week, I began to think of a friend of mine who died of pneumonia. I was scared, I thought I might be following in his footsteps... Don't worry, I didn't, but I spent a lot of time thinking about my life, and about all my regrets. I recovered, but that thinking I did still maters.

    There are so many things I haven't done, so many broken relationships I haven't fixed, so many words I left unspoken.

    So, my new purpose is to live out my life in a way that leaves me with out regrets, with our doubts, one that I can honestly say I'm proud of.

    But there is one last hinderance, one last thing stopping me. I can't move on to fix my real life when I'm stuck in the virtual one. I love MC, and I love this community, and I'll swear on anything that I'm not leaving. But I will be decreasing my activity for a couple of weeks. I won't be building much, it's to addictive.

    It is my sincerest hope that I'll have things sorted out quickly and I can be back fully in under a month, but building things in the real world is harder than any megabuild I've ever done, and it takes time. A lot of it.

    This is not goodbye, just aa see you later

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    Take whatever time you need mate, and make sure to do everything ya want to get done. Great to hear you're all okay though!
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    What!?!? crying?!!? I'm not crying, you're crying *continues to bawl on the floor*

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