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    Minecraft Username: Gravenfire45
    Server Rank: former pwego student
    A little about yourself (including your gender): Male, i live central USA, i like to take hikes and i like to take walks in forests :3
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    dordsor21 - Athion Member (Former Mithrintia T1)

    Cursed be the fool that dare steal from this man
    Filthy squires that intrude upon intellect
    As Edison preyed upon Tesla
    So did a friend upon this person
    A creator, an artist
    A man of nobility that shines in his golden armor
    A phoenix
    A bird of fire that shares its warmth with others
    But so greedy the populace that his blaze was robbed
    But no matter, the phoenix shall slump into the darkness and fade into the ashes
    Only to be born anew
    More powerful
    More glorious
    And the skies shall darken, as the moon shrouds the sun in oblivion
    A moon that brings inundations and high tides
    The clouds will rise, like anvils, and bring about monsoons
    The deserts shall rage and sting with sand that whips throughout the land
    The plague shall feed upon the innocent
    But no matter
    The air shall crackle and burn
    The sands of the seas shall melt
    The oceans shall boil
    As the phoenix burns azure with fury and energy
    And many a swine shall attempt to make do like Prometheus
    But without a titan's body, they shall shrivel in the heat of the creator
    With his infinite imagination and intellect, dreaming of justice and forgiveness
    With forever a fire in his heart

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    :D, thanks human, I love how you can do stuff like this, it's amazing :D
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    Minecraft Username: DonyCro (My friends acc, but when I buy myself one the name will be tonicel)
    Server Rank: I never played any of the servers (Coz I didn't had this friends acc) but I was in the mithrintia forums
    A little about yourself (including your gender): My names Toni I'm 17, I'm from Croatia, male, and I speak 3 languages (Croatian, German, English) and 1 dead language (Latin). Umm...I have a twin brother, I'm currently in the Economics HighSchool err....I play Minecraft since 2010 and hmm... Oh I love Creepers, I love :athion main icon:and..... OH WAIT! I forgot the Most important thing! I LIKE MY LITTLE PONY (Yes I'm a Brony) Rarity is the best pony <33 ;) /)
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    XxMX26xX - Athion Member (Former Mithrintia T1)

    A sentinel
    Skin of bronze, each footstep accompanied by a clang
    Of faded brown, now chipping away with green
    Walking liberty, lacking a torch
    Without a light to guide "huddled masses yearning to breathe free"
    A mouth that exhales not the gaseous essence of plants, but rather, thick clouds of water vapor
    Of steam
    Clouds that veil a mouth of gnashing cogs and gears
    Clockwork set to tick away for many eons more
    Flickering filaments of tungsten that glow bright yellow
    Illuminating behind quartz portholes that gaze into the world
    Glowing eyes that have stood the test of time for three hundred and thirty three generations
    Decaying, seemingly immortal in a body of iron
    So ironic, the steam which powers is the same steam which wastes away
    Which corrodes
    A curse, a suffering
    Both living, and dying
    Unable to cross over, for he embodies the middle line
    Blurred is the ink boundary that separates life from death
    And so the sentinel treks across the nuclear wasteland
    In search of life
    A blooming flower that greets the sun
    In a land of death

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    thank you, awesome stuff :D
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    Written and posted on September 6th, 2014. This is the official Athion opening day.

    Stamog - Athion Administrator

    A kiss to the earth
    And the crumbly brown sprouts out with curling green tendrils
    Baby hands that explore and grasp
    Curious, adventurous
    He looks up
    Pellets of water, a clap, and soon, a grand applause
    A shower that gives a standing ovation
    And as he walks away, the desert now a jungle
    The jungle rustles its grand leaves, a final cry of happiness
    Of vitality
    Of an impossible life otherwise denied by every impossibility
    Before it is robbed of its life by a blazing inferno
    For one million years, death chases him
    But immortal is he, for a clasp on him death does not have
    A great escape artist, striking hollow hairs of magenta
    Hummingbirds and bumblebees that flutter their wings around tubules of nectar
    A glistening mouth that drips with honey, gold and sticky
    Eyes of marble, irises of crystal
    Gleaming with striking sapphire blues and emerald greens
    Iridescent is his skin, pulsating with fantastic hues
    Beautiful deep reds swathe over his body
    Orange waves wash over him
    A living tattoo, with fish of yellow and green prancing in and out of existence
    Deep blues and indigoes prance about like deer, clashing dark antlers before dissipating into dust
    Purple skies that complete the mood, his body now a scenic moving landscape
    Bright, for the shades together bring white
    But forever is he stalked by his twin
    Whereas he himself brings life
    His opposite twin brings death
    If the trees sprout, the fire incinerates
    If the rivers flow, the oceans boil
    If the sun burns, the moon shrouds
    If the grasses of the plain dance under the wind, punctuated by beautiful flowers of amber and pink, then the deserts will scorch and whip up a blistering sandstorm
    For we are all blessed by the light
    But cursed to end by the darkness
    A pitch black formed as well by all the visible hues under the stars
    And so he prances with himself
    Himself slowly wasting away, flickering like a candle
    While his dark opposite feeds and grows ever stronger
    Light and dark
    Happiness and grief
    Order and entropy
    And death

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