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    Hello My name is Enile after a previous failed attempt at a time lapse were here to try and plan one way ahead of time.
    . at around 50:00 to 57:00 you see what they call there fun house we want to build that! Were all going to meet at 10:00am (pst)- 1:00pm(est)-5:00pm(gmt) this Wednesday on 4/29/15!
    Basically we will all meet in the free build area and build on my plot tell we have reached the sky limit.
    What are we building??
    Basically its as random as you can get build walls, windmills, windows, doors, mobgrinders, birds, dragons, pagodas, Asians, maybe even a deer. You see anything in that small plot area just keep building tell we have hit as high as we can go! Email me at [removed email]----or skype me at djase18 if you want t0 participate!!!
    Cya there
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