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  1. dordsor21

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    Aug 31, 2014
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    We are gladly announcing our latest contest: "Halloween/Horror Contest" based around anything fitting in a horror and Halloween genre. Go wild and creep out, scare and stain the souls of all who dare enter your plot!

    For this contest you will be competing in teams of 1-6 players to create the best project that represents Halloween, and horror. You can take a modern feel, or go back to its rots of evil demons and spirits. Let your dark imagination take control and create an epic build!

    The plots will be, yet again, smaller (300 x 300) and a completely flat canvas, so you're able to create a fully custom project without limitation!

    Good luck, and happy building! We can't wait to be given nightmares from all of your devilish plots!!

    Contest Information:

    Theme: Halloween/horror

    Where: On the Contest world |

    When: From: Midnight of Friday/Saturday, 9th/10th October 2015; To: Midnight of Wednesday/Thursday, 28th/29th October 2015 (Times & Dates in EST)

    Plot Size: Just over 300 x 300 - flatland

    Player limit: up to 6 players per plot

    Prizes: The top 3 builds will be featured a promotional video with shout outs to you and your team members. Along with this the winning build will be also featured on our PMC Account (if you wish) and have a solo video made to showcase it.

    Additional prizes may be added before the contest ends but the above are guaranteed.

    **Note: videos will be made as and when we have time, therefore we cannot guarantee their release within a few days of the end of the contest**

    We vote on a range of aspects for your builds and creations for the contest world, here is the below outline of what we look for when judging
    • Design: This is rated out of 10, we look over the plots for the design, layout and how well the concept has been executed. This does not rely on the quality of the build.
    • Terrain: This is rated out of 10, we look at what terraforming has been done on the plot, if an existing landscape is provided we rate on how good or how bad it was edited. If it started as flatland we rate on how well you have terraformed and how it suits the theme.
    • Structure: This is rated out of 10, We rate how detailed your structures are along with how well they fit your theme and the contest's theme.
    • Organics: This is rated out of 10, we rate how detailed your organics are along with how they fit into the theme of your plot along with the contests theme. You do not have to build organics but we still rate this either way.
    • Completion: This is rated out of 10, we go over your plot to see how complete your project is, builds that are half build, empty or large sections with 'filler builds or content' would score lower than fully complete builds, interiors and terrain.
    • Bonus / Lore: when we decide to have bonus points we can add a max of 5 extra points to your final score, this can include getting points for solo entries, detailed lore (when asked for) and other specified items.

    • Winning plots will need to be mostly, if not fully, finished, since you have over 2 weeks weeks to complete your entries. We advise that you work on sections of your build at a time so half completed structures, and terraforms are not present.
    • The theme is Horror/Halloweeen based so we would like you to keep within the theme or the theme of the tale you are trying top to tell.
    • Try and get your teams ready before the contest and not remove players mid contest as only those added to the plot will be credited in the end result.
    • Only the PLOT OWNER can download their plot as a world file (see the update June 19th log for info on how to do this).
    • The contest world will be reset after the contest, this will however not happen for a week or two after results have been released.
  2. Jonesy

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    Aug 31, 2014
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    Hello guys,

    So in terms of members of Athions Moderating and Build team entering Athion hosted contests, we've come to an agreement where the Staff/BT are allowed to enter and will be judged accordingly, however their teams will not be granted any of the prizes, but will be mentioned within the descriptions.

    So to clarify -
    Teams with no Athion mods/BT are eligible to win the contest and receive the prizes
    Teams with Athion Mods/BT are able to enter the contest and be judged against the other plots, technically could win the contest but not be official winners and not receive any prizes.

    I hope you understand our reasoning behind this.

    The Admin team.
    :athion main icon:

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