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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Xelion13, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Dear Athion,
    I was, just recently, talking to a player on the apprentice plot world. I was talking to him about my Catholic faith. Then, one of the mods started talking to me and saying not to talk to me about my religion. He said that it would start up arguments that could offend people.
    Later on, on that day, I had another discussion with him. He said that in the rules stated not to disrespect other players. Then he told me that talking about my religion would offend people, therefore disrespect them. I asked him politely what if he was wrong. He replied, "I'm not. This discussion is over."
    This is for rsp: If talking about my religion to another player on a private server is disrespectful to other players who aren't in the conversation, then what if me, and the other unnamed player, talked to each other using the /msg (name) command just like you and I were doing in our conversation? We would at least be talking about our religion and not offending people. If this won't work, then we have to come up with some sort of compromise. There may be people on this server who could be very devout to their faith, and want to talk about it to others. Please consider this.

    Merry Christmas,
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    Thanks for making a forum post!

    First off, I would like to make note that you completely butchered our conversation with the representation you have used in your post. It was easily a 50 line conversation, not a "I'm right, goodbye" type of thing. That's not how I do things and that's not how I would like to be portrayed to the public! I'd be happy to have the logs pulled.

    Second off, you are allowed to speak about that in PM as long as the receiver of the PM is consenting to the topic. If the player is not consenting, you would be disrespecting their privacy.

    The reason for keeping religious chat is for the reason you mentioned: to stop arguments from happening. Religion in general in video-games and other online chat rooms does not go well. It creates bad feelings for people and has hardly anything to do with the game being played. Chat that is not constructive and doesn't help the community is ill advised! We are a team and want to be a group of friends. By engaging in chat that creates rifts between players is the opposite of our goal. Like I said in chat (as well as @MovieMaker2 did) stating you are apart of a religion is about as far you need to go, but again as long as it fits into the chat per say. Coming on the server every day and randomly talking about your religious experience isn't applicable to a creative building server.

    I hope the way I have explained this to you in game and now here on the forums is understandable.

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    As rps said, we do not want to offend anyone's belief or choice or religion, we wish to keep chat neutral on the subject as many have strong opinions for and against EVERYTHING... We also have the same rule on politics and other sensitive topics that often cause arguments.

    You are more than welcome to discuss in /msg and private chats about your religion and other sensitive topics to those who want to talk about them.

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