Athion Official Minecraft Cinematic - Valneria Islands

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    The Islands of Valneria are the second of a line of projects from our new network, Athion.

    This build was actually constructed quite a while back, around September of 2013. It was originally intended to be the spawn for the Mithrintia Network, but upon realizing how complicated the map was, we decided a simpler spawn would be better.

    The build was constructed primarily by Glis6, Silver_Leopard, SamoaSpider, and Mr_Roddan. Glis6 and Silver_Leopard led the project itself, with SamoaSpider creating the dragon and Mr_Roddan completing one of the four villages solo.

    I figured it was about time to release the build to the public. If you wish to view this build in person, keep an eye out on our page for when our server opens - you can check it out there!

    The Islands of Valneria stands a divided place set high in sky only containing four towns.

    Valneria had not always been a divided paradise; but had been the jewel of the sky only giving entrance to those of the most humble nature; a place filled with so much beauty the world below only gazed upon the small settlement in awe.

    This all changed one day with the acceptance of a stranger, a portal crawler by trade and the one who would sow the seeds of hatred. His name was Artemis.
    Unknown to the settlement, Artemis was no longer man but merely a wraith of former crawler. Spending to much time exposed to ancient wither magic, the mind and soul of a pure explore was now lost to the bounds of chaos.
    The only thing that follows Artemis now is a path of destruction.

    Artemis was given sanctuary by elders to rest after saving to man from a pack of wolves, unknown to the elder, Artemis has ulterior motives.
    Spreading the plague of doubt and hatred to each of the villages, the once peaceful place is now divided and ready for the taking; to be consumed by Artemis’s true master the dragon Vulcan, God of fire.
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    I really like this, it's amazing

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