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    I have seen quite a few comments over the forums and chat boxes about collaboration, group, and team builds on Athion. These are mostly by members of the PI community who are use to an open world system so I am here to explain a little bit about our FREEBUILD world.

    The freebuild world is a 101 x 101 sized plot world with ONE rank and no progression system. This world is designed for the freedom to build without the hassle of keeping a standard to get reviewed and ranked up for permissions. We offer a range or world edit abilities in this world along with the option to MERGE plots, BUILD with friends and import pre made schematics of land that our build team has created.

    This means those of you wishing to build a city together can do so with only minimal limitations. We are working on improving the plot merge feature because currently you can only merge plots you own BUT if you ask a moderator nicely they may merge plots of your friends that are next to you together if you have a valid reason for this.

    Any questions about group building please ask them here, as we do not want to take the community building aspect away from the server due to currently not offering a open world for lower ranks.

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