Survival World Spawn Build Contest​

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author image by sycoinc | 0 Comments | 04 Mar 2017

In order to further survival progress, your fine elected officials that make up the government of Athion have chosen to start a building competition to build a spawn for our survival world.


  • A Large portal in the middle of the spawn, through which people will go to and come fromt eh survival hub
  • 5 small “shops” in buildings that the administration can rent out in the future
  • A small farmyard from which admins can give out crops to new users when they’re online

Size: You will be supplied with a 200×200 area that is terraformed already; 150×150 of that (from the center outward) will be the area in which you are allowed to build the spawn town, the other 50×50 is simply to give you an understanding of where the city will “sit”.

Theme: Your choice, though you should keep in mind that the spawn town will be in the middle of the wilderness of our new survival world.

The contest will end March 18th, 2017.

[1st Place]
Build will be the Survival World’s spawn (New world, “Kapul”), $75,000 in-game money, and their build will be featured throughout our social media.

[2nd Place]
$50,000 In-game money

[3rd Place]
$30,000 In-game money​