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 Important Information
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author image by sycoinc | 0 Comments | 04 Jan 2017

We’d like to thank all of our community members for helping us out of beta. Make sure that you use /kit collector in the survival hub to get your Beta-Tester collectors items! With our launch we’ve released many new features and worlds

New Survival World
The brave and daring Sycoinc has returned from afar with great news: a new world has been discovered that is completely habitable! Much like our current survival world, this world is completely habitable and home to many different kinds of biomes, huge mountains, great seas, island chains, and more! Be the first to establish a settlement in this great new world: access it through the survival portal at the Survival Hub!Want to move your home from the “old” survival world to the new one? Contact an Admin!
Our gallant scientists at Athion Research and Development have developed teleportation methods and have created a portal to another dimension! Labeled “The Nether”, you can access this world by purchasing a temporary passport using the /shop command and then travel through the portal in the “resources” hub.The nether will be reset on a cyclical basis: don’t leave anything there that you don’t want to lose.
Our… “genius” scientists at Athion Research and Development have gallantly taken control of a black hole they accidentally created in their research and development center and have discovered whats on the other side: a strange world full of floating islands made of some foreign substance resembling inedible cheese and home to innumerable Enderman pests! We’ve aptly called this world “The End!” (But we promise, its only the beginning for your adventure!) Not much else is known about this world, however we’ve allowed access to this world on a 2-hour passport basis, which you can purchase from /shop!The end will be reset on a cyclical basis: don’t leave anything there that you don’t want to lose.
Disclaimer: The End/Nether is a free-for-all: PVP is enabled, TNT is enabled, there is no claim system, and grief is fully allowed. You are not safe, so don’t expect to be!
While in the Survival Hub you may type /shop to access a neat GUI to purchase permission packs. These packs range from an extra home, more LWC locks, and even the ability to buy Hoppers/Pistons from the Admin Shop!​

More Information can be found [HERE]

/Market & Admin Shop
/Market is the user trading post in our Survival Hub. Here you’ll find items other players have listed for sale. You can post listings for your goods for others to buy too. In addition to /market you may access the Admin Shop. Bulk items are available from the Admin Shop. You’ll need deep pockets, both to buy and store the items from here.​
More Information can be found [HERE]
Important Reminders
Please make yourself aware of the Survival Rules, which can be found [HERE]. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for not knowing what the rules are.