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    This is the initial post in what I hope will become a series of guides that will let you better understand the features our custom plugins provide, whilst also providing a location for feedback and feature requests.

    What is AthionDrops
    AthionDrops is currently the simplest (by far) and newest (11 hours and counting) of our plugins.

    It improves upon the previous server behaviour of dropped items despawning after a single tick - your discarded items won't spawn at all, whilst your review book will now fall to the ground unharmed if you accidentally break your review chest.

    This behaviour is also toggleable, so rather than having to mess around with chests to show a friend your review book, you can just type /toggledrops to allow you to throw items!

    Command Summary
    /allowdrops - Turns on drops - items you discard will lie on the ground until they despawn (currently 15 seconds).
    /stopdrops - Turns of drops - items you discard will immediately vanish.
    /toggledrops [true/false] - Toggles your current drop status. Provide the optional second argument to set rather than toggle. (/toggledrops true is the same as /allowdrops)

    Possible Improvements
    None of these are currently implemented, but are simple to add if desired!

    - Saving / auto-saving of your drop preference - currently if you switch worlds, your drop preference will be lost. This can be made to last as long as your current session, or permanently.
    - Ability to also disable item drops from broken chests, item frames, survival digging etc.
    - Ability to filter what items are destroyed when you discard them
    - flamin

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