Damn Time Flies

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by MDNCraft, Nov 6, 2021.

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    Just remembered about this server but can't seem to come across the ip and it seems to be mostly dead now anyways. Although seems a few people still check the forums on here every few months so hello to those.

    If you do randomly come across to this in the future feel free to reach out to my on the Hypixel forums as I am way more active on there (@AlphaCloud on there) and let me know that you found this post.

    I originally got into this server in what I think was 2016 when I was interested in building and came across this one in particular randomly on some server lists. I got pretty good at building and had a good time until it slowly faded out.

    Now at this time (2021-11-06) for a few months now I've kind of stopped playing minecraft and have been playing other games such as csgo or doing other things such as coding.

    Anyways I assume this is my first and last post on here and sucks that the server is no longer up and there isn't some sort of update, it just went dark but cool the website still exists.

    I've got email notifs on too so who knows but luckily the forgot password saved my butt this time

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