Complete Guide To The Athion Network

Complete Guide To The Athion Network



The Athion Network is a dedicated creative server brought to you by the teams behind Mithrintia & PI Creative. Boasting a long server-running history and seasoned admin team, we aim to provide the best creative experience for users across the Minecraft community.

With custom plugins built around community interaction and building, we want to push the creative scene back to what it was when minecraft first launched and help the community bring out its best abilities.

This guide aims to outline our servers features, ranks and key permissions to make your experience on our server relaxing and easy to understand. Enjoy our server!

* Last Updated 20th July 2015


Athion Staff Teamtop




updated 10/06/2016


Feature Listtop

Athion has a few unique features with more coming every update, below are a few of the key features we offer.
  • Custom configuration of the PlotSquared plugin.
    • Unique features exclusive to the Athion Network.
    • More features to come…
  • Register to our forums from in-game.
    • Ability to register a forum account from inside minecraft to use when you visit our website
    • Ability to associate your in-game account with your existing forum account with our /associate <username> command.
  • Review plugin with queue system.
    • Request a review for your build and be placed in a queue for moderators to tend to.
    • On review completion see a book in a chest with your result
    • Ability to view your position in the queue
  • Custom server navigation.
    • Customized compass navigation to get around our many maps.
    • Join us in the Training Grounds, Openworld, and Build Battle!
  • Open world!
    • Build with your friends not only on Plots, but in our Minecraft Vanilla generated openworld!
    • Use our custom WorldGuard protection plugin to protect your builds from griefers.
    • Immerse yourself in our open lands...

Much more to come with constant updates and features added!

updated 12/22/2015


Server Layout & Worldstop

The Main Hub
The hub of the entire Athion Network. This where you will first start on your journey, from here you may go anywhere within the Network.

The Freebuild server is open to anyone and everyone who's looking for some extra permissions (such as worldedit and voxelsniper) and don't want to worry about ranking up. You may build solo or with your friends as a group in this world.

Training Grounds

The training grounds are the creative plots you all know and love! You start as a Student and rank your way all the way up to Grand Creator! This part of the Network does feature review for builds to help you progress and train yourself. Our custom plugin AthionReviews handles all reviews, and we use the plugin PlotSquared to organize all our plot-based needs.

Build alone or build with friends, the Athion Openworld is now open! This world is where players who feel constricted from plots, but still want to earn a rank, may build in an open minecraft generated realm. While solo builds may earn promotions, group builds may not.

updated 12/22/2015


Server Rankstop

We have two ranking paths on Athion; one allowing progression through building ranks that gives you additional perms and building rights and one that is the base system for all other worlds.

Server Ranks - Path One:
This path is present on; Main Server Hub, Free Build Plots, Build Off Hub and Servers.
  • Bronze - Diamond VIP: Ranks achieved through generous donations. You may check out our donations page to learn more about our VIP packages.
Server Ranks - Path Two:
This path is present on; Training Grounds Hub & Training Grounds Plot Worlds (TG 1-5).
  • Student: This is the first rank for our training ground ranks, it offers you access to TG-1 and a plot that is 31 x 31 in size. (see the overview of permissions further into this document)
  • Apprentice: This is the second rank for our training grounds. Once you have obtained this rank you gain access to be able to build on TG-2, basic world edit and VoxelSniper, as well as have two plots sized 71 x 71. (see the overview of permissions further into this document)
  • Designer: This is the third rank on training grounds and is where building gets serious. You will gain access to the TG-3 world, more world edit abilities and have three 151 x 151 plots to use. (see the overview of permissions further into this document)
  • Creator: This is the fourth rank on the training grounds and is considered an achievement showcasing an excellent standard of building. Obtaining this rank will require dedication and many hours spent building your creations. On being granted this rank you will gain access to a large amount of world edit, have access to the TG-4 world to build and have four 301 x 301 plots to use. (see the overview of permissions further into this document)
  • Grand Creator: This is the fifth and final rank on training grounds, given to the elite builders of the server. You will gain access to an exclusive open world to build creations of mass size along with gaining access to nearly all world edit and voxel sniper. (see the overview of permissions further into this document)

updated 7/20/2015


Rank Permissionstop

Training Ground Global User Commands:
  • Register forum account in-game. (/register)
  • Warp to a location. (/ewarp)
  • Access warp list. (/ewarps)
  • Teleport to last known location. (/back)
  • Ability to see bans and ban reasons.
  • Able to clear inventory of only themselves. (/ci, /clearinventory)
  • Set and return to a Home. (/home, /sethome)
  • Spawn items. (/i, /item)
  • Send messages to another player. (/msg <user> <message>)
  • Reply to messages. (/r <message>)
  • Mail other users. CANNOT be sent cross-server. (/mail <user> <message>)
  • Set your own playertime. (/ptime <timeofday>)
  • Set your own speed! (/speed <0-10>)
  • Request a teleport to another player. (/tpa <user>)
  • Accept or deny a teleport request. (/tpaccept /tpdeny)
  • Access to build on the Training Grounds Student world.
  • Access to worlds in Compass. (Hub, Training Grounds, Freebuild, BuildBattle)
  • Ability to access spawn. (/spawn)
  • Ascend a level. (/ascend)
  • Descend a level. (/descend)
  • Unstuck yourself. (//unstuck) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Jump to a position. (//j <jumps to mouse pointer>)
    • The NetherStar tool [Left Click] also works for this.
  • Go through an object. (//thru)
    • The NetherStar tool [Right Click] also works for this.
  • Go up a precise amount from where you currently stand. (/up <amount>)
  • Access the WorldEdit wand. (//wand)
  • Warp by clicking in chat to any of your builds. (/places) *New since: 2015-08-01
  • Access to the Athion Tools Kit. (//kit tools) *New since: 2016-02-18

Student Commands: Rank can not build in worlds of a higher rank
  • Limited to 1 plot in their respective Training Grounds world.
  • Claim a randomly assigned plot. (/ps auto)
  • Able to change plot biome (/ps set biome <biome>)
  • Ability to clear plots (/ps clear)
  • Access plot info. (/ps info)
  • Claim an unclaimed plot. (/ps claim)
  • Teleport to your plot. (/ps home)
  • Request a review. (/review request)

Apprentice Commands: Rank can not build in worlds of a higher rank
  • Inherits EVERYTHING that Student has.
  • Ability to claim 2 plots.
  • Ability to WorldEdit and LightSniper in respective plot world:
  • Limited to a selection of 2,000,000 blocks.
  • Plot Merge, merge neighboring plots you own. (/plot merge <direction>)
  • Undo a worldedit selection. (//undo <amount>)
  • Redo a worldedit selection. (//redo <amount>)
  • Mark a position where you are standing. (//pos1 //pos2)
  • Mark a position where you are aiming. (//hpos1 //hpos2)
  • Shift your selection. (//shift <amount> [direction]) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Inset the selection area. (//inset) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Outset the selection area. (//outset) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Set your selection to the current chunk. (//chunk) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Wall a selection. (//walls <block>)
  • Stack a selection. (//stack <amount>)
  • Move your selection. (//move) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Copy and Paste. (//copy //paste)
  • Cut the selection to the clipboard. (//cut) *New since: 2016-02-18 ( Such a brutal oversight )
  • Clear your clipboard. (/clearclipboard) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Rotate a clipboard. (//rotate <degrees>)
  • Flip a clipboard. (//flip)
  • Set a selection. (//set <block>)
  • Replace a selection. (//replace <block> <block>)
  • Drain a body of water or lava. (//drain <radius))
  • Fill a selection. (//fill)
  • Recursive fill. (//fillr <block> <radius>)
  • Level a lava selection. (//fixlava <radius>)
  • Level a water selection (//fixwater <radius>)
  • Create a cylinder. (//hcyl, //cyl)
  • Create a pyramid. (//pyramid)
  • Create a sphere. (//sphere)
  • Create a global mask. (//gmask)
  • Overlay a selection. (//overlay
  • Replacer tool. (/tool repl)

Designer Commands: Rank can not build in worlds of a higher rank
  • Inherits EVERYTHING that Student and Apprentice have.
  • Ability to claim 3 plots.
  • Set the mask brush. (/mask) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Set the brush range. (/range) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Set the brush size. (/size) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Set the brush material. (/mat) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Access to WorldEdit brushes. (/tool brush smooth, clipboard, cylinder, ex, gravity, smooth, sphere, gravity) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Example using the sphere brush. (/tool brush sphere) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Set a biome. (//setbiome) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • List all biomes. (//biomelist) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Generates a shape according to a formula. (//g <formula>) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Example: //g stained_glass:15 (((x-0.4*sin(y*5))^2+(z-0.4*cos(y*5))^2-0.04))^2 <0.00007
  • Deform a selection region with an expression. (//deform) *New since: 2016-02-18
  • Smooth a selected region (//smooth)
  • Example: /deform rotate(x,y,pi/2)

Creator Commands: Rank can not build in worlds of a higher rank
  • Inherits EVERYTHING that Student, Apprentice, and Designer have.
  • Extinguish fires. (//ex <radius>)
  • Replace blocks near you. (//replacenear)
  • Create a line from pos1 to pos2. (//line)
  • Naturalize an area. (//naturalize) *New since: 2016-02-18

Grand Creator Commands:
  • Inherits EVERYTHING that Student, Apprentice, Designer, and Creator have.
  • Count your selection. (//count)
  • Generate a forest. (/forestgen)
  • Make a forest within the region (//forest)
  • Full Voxel Sniper! ( Be gentle and courteous to others on the network. Avoid huge brush sizes please. )
  • Green an area. (//green)
  • Generate Pumpkin patches. (//pumpkins)
  • Generate Snow. (//snow)
  • Thaw an area. (//thaw)
  • Butcher animals in a surrounding area. (/butcher)
  • Remove blocks above you. (//removeabove)
  • Remove blocks below you. (//removebelow)


Rank Requirementstop

Hey all!

Welcome to the updated version of our Rank Guidelines! Please read everything carefully to understand what Mods and Staff look for while reviewing your plot. It is up to the full discretion of the Moderation team to determine the outcome, despite build quality or amount.

A lot of questions from you guys tend to stem from the multiple plot rule (Apprentice+). Taking everyone’s criticism, thoughts, and opinions into account, we ultimately decided that multiple plots are not required, but stongly encouraged. It is very possible to fly through the ranks with great plots, however a promotion based on one plot is determined by the Moderator reviewing the build.

How to Gain the Apprentice Rank:
You will need to show that you have some skill in building. You can complete one of organics, structure and terrain (the more the better) to obtain Apprentice. This does not, however, mean a structure can be put in the middle of the plot, but that the structure can fill the plot, likewise with organics would have been used. With terrain trees and interest to it must be supplied where lifeform organics and structures. Effective combinations of multiple of these items will warrant an easier promotion.

How to Gain the Designer Rank

Designer is a rank that the more seasoned builder, showing a good understanding of building overall, ought to be getting. Designers should be able to apply for the average Built Team and be accepted. For Designer, you are suggested to create two plots, but is able to be promoted from one plot, provided that the plot is, beyond doubt, the level expected of a designer.

Therefore an Apprentice will need to prove skill in at least two of structure, terrain and organics. This means a structure on an organic without terrain is acceptable. A terrain including organics (lifeform as well as plant) could also pass. This will however, need to be creative and not a “house on a hill” kind of deal. Everything must be well thought out and shaped.

Structure-wise you must be open to different styles of structure and how they work with the plot. If a structure is not perfect, but if it fits with what’s there well, then the plot could be considered acceptable.

Terrain-wise it gets simpler. Flat terrain with a cliff simply will not do. It is far too simplistic and does not show skills expected of a Designer. Terrain with much more interesting and skillful shaping is far better. Once again, if a terrain fits very well with a structure and/or organic, it would be considered a well executed terrain/plot - how the plot works and fits together is the most important part. This does not mean to say, however, that unsatisfactory structure terrain and organics in a plot that flows well is worth a promotion. Proof of skill must be there.

Organics is much simpler. It needs to look real, smooth (where required) and unblocky.

For Designer at least four different “items” must be seen. An item is a style of structure, terrain or organic. Therefore two plots, one with ice terrain and a structure and the other with jungle terrain and an organic would be passable. Two plots with the same type of terrain but one with structure and one with an organic would not. This does not, however, apply with merged plots. In this instance the level of each aspect must be slightly higher and some proof of each area be shown.

How to Gain the Creator Rank:
Creators would be expected to be able to apply and get into some of the top Build Teams. They must show they are creative and innovative with their techniques and able to create impressive plots that flow near perfectly. For Creator, it is expected that two plots be made using all three areas of structure terrain and organics, both being different styles. In the case of merged plots (unless the merge is ~450x450) another plot of a different style would be expected to be made - this will require Staff members giving more plots to Designers. Any details that don’t make sense (ships going into walls etc) would be a fail. Pretty much it :)​

How to Gain the Grand Creator Rank:
These will always include multiple staff members and Admins. The general guidelines is that you should be “Build Team Quality”. Therefore, the requirements are pretty self-explanatory. Be brilliant. Every aspect of building must therefore be exceptional, and the plots must include each aspect of building, done properly - no corners must be cut, therefore full interiors, organics, no copy/pasted trees, structures, depth and detail. Creativity is a must for Grand Creator, and large buildings will most definitely need to be shown to display the required levels of both depth and detail, as well as showing an understanding of interiors in large spaces.​

* Last Updated 27th Aug 2016


Custom Pluginstop

Athion Reviews:

Athion Reviews is our ‘automated’ review system. Once you request a review on your plot or build it gets placed into a queue and notifies all moderators and admins on the server the queue has been updated. From there the moderators go through the list and rate your build.

Once rated you will see a chest with 4 gold blocks above it on your plot. Inside that chest will be a review book with comments and your review result (pass or fail). If you passed and met the min plot requirements you will get promoted automatically.

On top of this if you have your forum account linked to the server you will receive an email once your review is done to let you know you have a result waiting.

Athion Register:

Athion Register is a plugin that links your IGN to our forums along with creating a forum account for you all from with the Minecraft server. If you already have a forum account is simple searches for the email / username you wish to register with and then links your actual in game name to your account.

Future features of this plugin will include auto rank assignment dependant on in game ranks along with other nifty features linking your in game account with our website.


Claim protected areas of land on the OpenWorld section of our Network. Protect your build from possible griefers and annoyances by using WorldeditRegions. Utilizing WorldGuard, WRG may let you restrict other plugins such as WorldEdit and Voxelsniper to only regions you are the owner of.


Palette is a tool for managing and placing creations into the world. The idea for a palette plugin was suggested by S_Jones (Retired BT Leader) and was custom coded by Empire92. The plugin allows you to copy and paste structures with ease, visualize objects, and much more. Palette is used by right clicking the base of a structure with a blaze rod, which allows to you paste the structure by right clicking and more. The full list of commands can be shown by typing /palette. Follow this link for our tutorial.

More info to come…

updated 7/23/2014


Useful Links & Guidestop

coming soon...