About the Athion Network

Find out more about the Athion Network and its history.

Athion Network was created by the owners of Mithrintia and PI Creative Servers to re-invent the creative community in Minecraft. Both these existing servers have had a solid reputation in the Minecraft community with Mithrintia being well-known for their talented build team and PI Creative being one of the oldest if not the oldest creative server around, along with being the creators of the plugin PlotMe.

Athion was formed by four key members from Mithrintia & PI Creative (two from each server) in mid 2014 and was launched December 2014. Since then we have had our ups and downs in development but have finally set our solid goals in place and are achieving them faster than ever since our new development team 0Byte (Zero Byte) lead by Chamunks has taken over the every day runnings for the server.

We aim to grow and stand out in the community both with our server experience and with a high quality Build Team that produces top of the line content.

To find out more about us and keep up-to-date on news and new features, keep an eye on our forums and Twitter!

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Server Developer
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Server Developer
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Build Team Lead / Plugin Research
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Build Team Lead / Server Developer

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