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Athion is the result of the merging of two of the oldest creative servers around in the community – Mithrintia and Pwego Insomnia –  fusing together to perfect a creative experience like no other to develop and harness your skills.

Eco Survival

With our latest adventure, we have launched an Eco Survival Server, which is growing in features and awesomeness at a spectacular rate! With Dungeons, Blitz arenas, and a whole new dynamic, you absolutely have to come try it out!

Plots & Open World

With an utterly solid plot based system fully customised by our developers and a great open world dynamic, we hold high regard for quality services to nurture your skills and talents to only bring out the best.

Creative Build Team

Our prestigious Build Team has ranks filled to the brim of awesome builders, able to provide our clients with exactly what they need, when they need. With a wonderful atmosphere, all are welcome within our ranks!

We offer a huge range of Minecraft Build Team Services. Want to hire us? See our Portfolio!

Latest News


Secrets of Manor – Spotlight

author image by sycoinc | Highlights | 0 Comments | 03 Jun 2017

Recently have started showcasing builds, projects and all sorts of things made or created by the community on their website. We are proud to say that a few members from Athion have had some articles about them. The latest…

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Survival World Spawn Build Contest​

author image by sycoinc | Contests Highlights | 0 Comments | 04 Mar 2017

In order to further survival progress, your fine elected officials that make up the government of Athion have chosen to start a building competition to build a spawn for our survival world. Requirements: A Large portal in the middle of…

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Survival 1.3 Update

author image by sycoinc | Updates | 0 Comments | 04 Mar 2017

Survival has a couple new updates: You can sit in stairs now when two signs on the side. The Nether, End, and Resource have been reset. End blocks got some price tags. We have 4 new permission packs in the…

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Welcome to the New Website

author image by sycoinc | Updates | 0 Comments | 29 Jan 2017

With big changes already in motion for 2017 we have decided to update our website and online image. With this initial update we have re-worked the main website with plans for the community forums to follow suit shortly after this site…

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Survival Server is LIVE!

author image by sycoinc | Highlights Updates | 0 Comments | 04 Jan 2017

We’d like to thank all of our community members for helping us out of beta. Make sure that you use /kit collector in the survival hub to get your Beta-Tester collectors items! With our launch we’ve released many new features…

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